Portfolio Management Services (PMS)


Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

PMS is a specialised and bespoke service which offers a variety of investment solutions to its clients. It enables clientele to take advantage of market opportunities as and when they arise. PMS is managed by a team of professional portfolio managers. It caters to a niche clientele i.e High Net Worth Individuals. It is considered as a high end product as it requires a sizeable investment (as per SEBI regulations, minimum investment in any PMS product is 25 lakhs). In PMS, the personal preferences of the client can be incorporated into the investment portfolio so as to enable him to achieve his financial goals.

PMS is different as compared to mutual funds. In a mutual fund, the funds of all the investors are pooled together and invested as a whole. However in PMS, each client’s portfolio can be tailor made to meet his requirements. Thus the individuality of each portfolio is maintained.

Why PMS?

As financial markets become more and more complicated, it becomes very difficult for an investor to manage his own portfolio as he may not have the time to track his portfolio or lack knowledge about the latest developments in the finance markets. This is where PMS can greatly benefit the investor. PMS Fund Manger will regularly track your portfolio, send you updates on a weekly or monthly basis  and re align your investments should the need arise.


Professional Management: The investor’s portfolio is managed and supervised by a team of professional fund managers whose goal is to ensure consistent returns in the long run while simultaneously managing risk.

Constant Monitoring: Investments are tracked constantly so as to maximise returns.

Transparency: Performance reports and Holding statements are sent on a regular basis. In addition, clients are also given online access so that they can check any detail pertaining to their investments at any time.

Modifying portfolios as per market conditions: The fund managers will buy and sell securities in the investors’ portfolio as per changes in market conditions. Thus the investor is saved from the trouble of constantly keeping track of market movements.

Dedicated Relationship Manager: The Relationship Manager will help the client to create the right product mix by selecting the most appropriate PMS product so as to achieve his financial goals. He will also ensure the investor receives periodic statements and performance reports on a regular basis. He will also resolve any queries that the investor may have regarding his investments.

PMS is ideal for those investors who want to take advantage of professional expertise to manage their investments. PMS caters to HNIs (High Networth Individuals) as the ticket size is substantially large. There are a number of broking houses and financial services companies that offer PMS. Investors are advised to go through their investment philosophy, track record, fee structure, past performance and operational efficiency before taking a decision.

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